Maya Woulfe and Erica Cherry

After a nice bike ride things turn into some hot sex with these two

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Description: Maya Woulfe returns home with her best friend, Erica Cherry, both wearing cycling outfits and carrying bicycle helmets. They are panting and sweating, as they agree that cycling is always such an intense workout. They’re really feeling the burn!

But then Maya winces slightly, saying that her BUTT is also feeling the burn – her behind feels sore from the bike seat. Maya asks if Erica would mind checking her butt to make sure nothing’s wrong. That’s what best friends are for, right?

Erica is happy to help, and gently touches Maya’s butt over her cycling shorts. Erica says that part of Maya’s butt DOES seem rather tender, and asks if she can remove Maya’s shorts to check for injuries. Maya agrees, so Erica peels off Maya’s cycling shorts and checks out her ass.

Erica enjoys giving Maya’s buttcheeks a squeeze, and says that they look fine, so maybe they just need a little lovin’. Maya and Erica kiss and get undressed, so they can enjoy burning calories with a very different workout!

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