Devils Film Victoria Voxxx Jayden Marcos and Jade Venus

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Description: Jade Venus complains to her fiancé Jayden Marcos that a stranger (Victoria Voxxx) is STILL camping out in their yard. Victoria’s been camped out there for days, but Jade and Jayden are going to be having their wedding there soon. Jade doesn’t want Victoria’s camping tent to be in the way of the wedding, so Jayden promises Jade that he’ll go talk to Victoria.

Later that day, Victoria is relaxing in Jade’s bathtub. Jade asks Jayden why this stranger is now inside their house, and Jayden says he let her in so she wouldn’t be camping in their yard anymore. Jade is not amused, and confronts Victoria when she comes out of the bathroom. But Victoria says that she’s sure she can offer Jade something nice in exchange for being allowed to stay, and drops her towel to show off her naked body.

Jade is intrigued by the offer, and lets Victoria suck on her pretty cock. Jayden likes what he sees, stroking his own cock as he continues to watch the lovely ladies getting frisky. Eventually, Jade invites Jayden to join them, and he walks over so Victoria can suck and stroke his cock as well. As the sexy threesome continues, it becomes clear that Jade and Jayden are both going to enjoy keeping Victoria around!

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